provides access to web-based, accredited education for non-traditional high school students including youth and adults impacted by incarceration.

Nelson Mandela


The CHS Nelson Mandela Academy program features omni-directional learning offerings and elective choice embraces flexibility, innovation and student enrichment, and encourages students to learn at their own pace.

  • Students graduate with broader academic and career skills
  • Flexible 24/7 learning schedule allows students to plan around jobs, career goals, home and life requirements
  • Students manage their course selection
  • Program meets students where they are and turbocharges their career and academic path
  • Students can plan their academic path to prepare for their ambitions and after high school
  • Dual Credit possibilities for both career schools and college
  • Individualized plans keep students on track
  • The diploma can be shaped to support the widest range of careers.

Students have a choice of over 250+ unique electives from categories such as Civics, African-American Studies, Biblical Studies, STEM, IT, Young Parents, Life Skills, Cooking, Directed Reading courses, Activism and Vlogging courses, Española Dual Language Program and much more.



The CHS Nelson Mandela Academy program offers 2 high school diploma pathways; one for the career-minded student and another for the student preparing to continue their education at the college level.

How the CHS Nelson Mandela Academy Works With Schools Locally and Internationally


Because the CHSNelson Mandela Academy is partnered with Citizens High School (CHS), a regionally and nationally accredited high school just like all public high schools in the US, it can be part of school’s academic offerings locally and internationally. With the proper articulation agreement, schools anywhere in the world can offer all or part of the CHS Nelson Mandela Academy program as a dropout prevention program or as a case management targeted program to those students at risk of dropping out.

Instead of a punitive focus on truancy, the CHS Nelson Mandela Academy program brings a positive focus to students with the desire for learning but are in situations where the traditional public school system is not equipped to offer the tailored learning flexibility required for that individual student.

In addition, the high school can continue with the student as a FTE, or if the student or the school chooses the student can transfer to the CHS Nelson Mandela Academy’s program and the student is considered as transferring out versus dropping out.




The CHS Nelson Mandela Academy program is offered in partnership with Citizens High School, a regionally and nationally accredited leader in online education. Our program is designed to provide a full high school diploma, and not an equivalency or certificate.  We hold ourselves and our curriculum to the absolute highest accreditation standards in terms of content, structure, and educational benchmarks. The following is a list of the governing and advisory organizations for CHS’ accreditation within the education sector.


  • Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • Distance Education Accrediting Commission
  • Council for Higher Education Accreditation
  • Florida Department of Education
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association


We have you covered from traditional core courses, course credit recovery, Career Pathway industry certifications, and a selection of unique fun summer courses designed to make learning enjoyable year-round.

Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use
to change the world.


Nelson Mandela

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