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Khalil Osiris


Khalil Osiris is the founder of Reflecting Freedom Network (RFN), a non-profit charity that provides free web-based, accredited education for people impacted by incarceration. After spending 20 years in prison where Osiris earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Boston University, he transformed his life and emerged with a deep understanding of how to use personal crises and challenges as opportunities for self-improvement.

Maureen Stephens

Director Corporate and Social Engagement

Maureen believes that education should be available to all who desire it and that we all hold within us the power to achieve our dreams. She was a teen mom who brought her new daughter with her to her high school graduation, where she graduated with honors. She has a passion for education obtaining her Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, her Master of Business Administration, and becoming a licensed Certified Public Accountant, all in her early 40s. Maureen has worked in the insurance and healthcare industries for the majority of her 30+ year working career.

Christine Van Greuning

Director Media and Social Impact

Christine began her corporate career in the tourism industry where she worked for 10 years before partnering with an innovative team to successfully introduce and develop online travel systems for government tourism organizations. Her subsequent shift in career focus and work in South Africa as a Montessori teacher presented her with the opportunity to develop practical educational programs and tools for children from all walks of life, most impactfully through the non-profit organization Family Food Security.

Alfred Cleveland

Creative Music Director,
TRC Global Summit & 2021 Documentary

Alfred Cleveland is a multi-talented artist who uses his gifts to serve, edify and add value to all he encounters. His life experience also serves to inspire others in finding meaning in the hardships they face.

As a result, on October 31, 2020, he developed CleveCo Studios, LLC, to implement his values in a focused and tangible way through art, film, screenwriting, music, poetry, motivational speaking and other visual communication mediums.

Pascale Rathle

Pascal Rathle

Truth & Reconciliation Conversations (TRC) Ambassador

Pascal Rathle is an American advocate for compromise and relieving human divide. Recently, he’s received selections as an American Studies Salzburg Global Fellow, Legal Humanities Fellow, Liberty & Choice Fellow, and as an SDG 2030 IWD Fellow. He’s the Founder of the Global Shapers Community (World Economic Forum) Jacksonville Hub. Pascal is an AmeriCorps alumnus (spotlight) and a former NCAA Division I student-athlete and Bundesliga trialist. 

Currently, he’s pursuing a Master’s in Law (ML) at the University of Pennsylvania. Pascal is a Presidential Fellow (Class of 2022) for the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress. He is a Class of 2021 (MSSP) graduate from Penn and a Class of 2018 (BA) graduate from Jacksonville University. He speaks fluent French, improvs, and is an avid traveller. 

Kenneth Simpson

Truth & Reconciliation Conversations (TRC) Ambassador

Kenneth Emanuel Simpson is a talented and prolific inventor, visual artist, and musical artist. He has been inventing products, creating music, and creating art for over 30 years and still has a burning desire to invent and create. He is determined to inspire all generations through his products.

Kenneth hails from Currie, North Carolina and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up creating radios, instruments, emergency airplane products, wireless headphones, and computers.

Jakki Dee

Truth & Reconciliation Conversations (TRC) Ambassador

Jakki Dee, a Florida native, is the founder of Beauty Water USA, Inc.  A world-renowned hairstylist, beauty industry icon, author, inventor, advocate for the homeless, chemist, Marine Corps vet, motivational speaker, Jakki is the force behind a national voter registration drive, that registered over 300,000 voters, and the recipient of numerous awards for his impressive work in the hair care and beauty industries. He has been in the beauty care profession for over twenty-eight years. Dee is best known as the visionary and owner of Jakki Colours Beauty Clinic, a million-dollar salon located in the heart of Atlanta’s Buckhead District. The salon’s clientele includes several of Atlanta’s top corporate executives, government officials, and celebrities.


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