Nelson Mandela International Day (#NMID2020) July 18,  is a celebration of Mandela’s achievements in working towards democracy, social justice, human rights, peace and reconciliation. In these turbulent times, Nelson Mandela’s legacy inspires us to struggle for justice over inequality, dignity over humiliation and forgiveness over hatred.

Truth & Reconciliation Conversations: Facing Racism & Healing Together
Nelson Mandela fought for social justice and human rights for 67 years. Join us for a 67 minute SPECIAL EVENT STREAM to premiere July 18th at 1pm ET. Inspired by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission held in South Africa at the end of apartheid, we will face racism through courageous listening and painful conversations, and find ways to heal together. We will speak with NMID 2019 Reflecting Freedom Award winners to hear their thoughts about systemic racism and the civil unrest happening across America and the world. And we will learn how the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela speaks powerfully to the need for reckoning and reconciliation in this historic moment.

Nelson Mandela, former statesman and Nobel Peace Prize winner on the importance of education.



All proceeds from NMID 2020 will benefit Reflecting Freedom Network (RFN), a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to help incarcerated and returning citizens, their families and youth at-risk build better lives for themselves. The funds raised will be used to provide NMID Scholarships to low-income, high-desire learners through the RFN education and career credentialing partnership with Citizens Education (CEI).  Also, during our NMID 2020 celebration we’re going to announce the launch of Nelson Mandela Academy (NMA). NMA will provide opportunities for students anywhere in the world to access an accredited civics-based curriculum to earn a high school diploma FREE!
The House of Mandela Family Foundation is supporting NMID 2020 with the extraordinary gift of Nelson Mandela’s “Struggle Series” artwork.

Having worked with ADAPT and its team of extraordinary community advocates and activists, we’re honored to partner with them to provide accredited education and employment training to youth in South Africa through our NMID Scholarships.
Founded in 1994, ADAPT started as a small entity focusing on providing counselling for abused women but due to demands from the community of Alexandra Township and its partners, it developed beyond counselling to community education, research, advocacy and lobbying as well as building community support and services to youth, men and the elderly.

History of Nelson Mandela International Day


A highlight of the NMID 2019 event was Dr. Makaziwe Mandela’s  spontaneous reaction to Clifford Williams’ life story. Dr. Mandela was inspired after hearing him share his journey from prison to  freedom and gifted him with her father’s “Struggle Series” artwork.


RFN Founder, Khalil Osiris speaks at the 2019 Nelson Mandela International Day event.




The UN General Assembly passes resolution A/RES/64/13 in recognition of Mandela’s values and his dedication to the service of humanity in:
• Conflict resolution
• Race relations
• Promotion and protection of human rights
• Reconciliation
• The fight against poverty
• The promotion of social justice


JULY 2018

On the 100th anniversary of his birth, UN Secretary- General Antonio Guterres says about Nelson Mandela’s legacy, “He stands today as a beacon for universal values – peace, forgiveness, humility integrity, passion, respect and service. Madiba showed us that these are not just words or vague ideals, but concrete actions that we can all take.”



The UN General Assembly extends the scope of Nelson Mandela International Day to also be utilized in order to:
• promote humane conditions of imprisonment
• raise awareness about prisoners being a continuous part of society
• value the work of prison staff as a social service of particular importance.

JULY 2019


Dr. Makaziwe Mandela and Tukwini Mandela travelled to Jacksonville and St Augustine, Florida for a series of events organized by Khalil Osiris to celebrate the first-ever Nelson Mandela International Day Jax. The following four individuals received the inaugural Reflecting Freedom Awards for their outstanding contributions to advancing the ideals of Nelson Mandela: Dr. Jennifer Brown, Melissa Nelson, Darnell Smith and Kevin Gay.


In the end, reconciliation is a spiritual process,
which requires more than just a legal framework.
It has to happen in the hearts and minds of people.


Nelson Mandela

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